About Madison

MadisonWith a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Memphis and an undergraduate degree from the Memphis College of Art along with more than 20 years of experience, Madison brings old world techniques to new modern-day pieces.

Using the same techniques in painting glass as the master stained glass artists of the past, each piece of glass receives a layer of paint which is then placed into a kiln, where it is heated to an extremely high temperature.  This high temperature fuses the paint to the glass.

Madison’s work can be seen in hundreds of stained glass windows across the United States, predominantly in the Mid-South. Madison also offers consulting services, and is very proud in working with Harvard University regarding Tiffany glass.  Madison has received national recognition for his work.

Madison’s true passion is painting, however you can see the artistry and craftsmanship in all aspects of his designs.

Artist Statement

I am a visual artist, creating images is what I do. The how and why of it would lead to a long and tedious statement that would be agony to read. The post-modernist dilemma that falls on many artists today is “What now?”  Where is a movement I can hitch my wagon to, where are the new horizons in visual art? I hold that the end of new horizons happened with Pollack. Every approach to the two-dimensional surfaces have been explored and exploited. So what does one do? I still draw and paint. That’s what humans do. We have decorated empires, illustrated the gods, honored kings and set the trends for popular culture. Whether on a cave wall or hanging in the Louvre, humans create to express their self awareness.

I have recently returned to painting after neglecting it for several years. During those years I worked in the art field as a stained glass designer and glass painter. Now is the time to devote myself to my painting, and to explore my own personal vision. I am attracted to certain aspects of the visionary art movement, if it can be called that. The creating of art I feel is no longer dictated by style and purpose, schools and disciplines. The age of discovery is now a personal vision quest, inner landscapes, psychic advancement, and personal spiritual growth. My imagery is usually a result of putting pen to paper and seeing what happens, letting the image reveal itself. Philosophically my approach is based on the inner connectivity of all matter on the sub-atomic level. What appears to be a tree is actually uncountable atoms and sub-atomic particles in motion. Our thoughts and dreams are made up of the same energized particles. I build my imagery the same way, smaller individual brush strokes built up in a sculptural fashion to produce the final overall image, displaying the underlying energy that makes up everything.  These paintings are my personal vision.



Born in 1954 in Forest City, NC, the family then moved to Memphis TN where he was raised. Madison received his BFA from Memphis College of Arts in 1984 and his MFA from the University of Memphis in 1988. Following graduation, he worked as a stained glass designer and painter. Madison established great working relationships through the years with Laukhuff and Westminster, and then became the owner of Interior Artisans Stained Glass in 2000. Working for over 20 years in the glass industry left little time for his true passion, painting.

For the past four years, Madison as returned to canvas. He now resides in north Mississippi, and is a member of the Desoto Arts Council. He has been showing locally in several group and independent shows which have showcased his unique style, tipping his hat to the Visionary and Energy art movements. Madison is fulfilling his artistic passion once again.


October, 2012-Gallery Fifty Six, Memphis TN (solo show)

May, 2012-Memphis College of Art Alumni Show (juried)

August, 2011-Orpheum Theatre Art Auction

May, 2011-Humane Society PAWS for Art Auction

May, 2011-Gallery Fifty Six, Memphis TN (group show)

March, 2011-Gallery Fifty Six, Memphis TN (solo show)

January, 2011-Winter Invitational, Gallery Fifty Six, Memphis TN (group show)

November-March, 2010-Desoto Arts Council Winter Show, Hernando MS

September, 2010-St. Georges Art Fair, Germantown TN

July-September, 2010-Memphis Cafe, Hernando MS

July-August, 2010-Republic Coffee, Memphis TN (solo show)

May, 2010-Bridgetown Art Fair, Nesbit MS

October, 2009-Energy Fitness Studio, Memphis TN (River Arts Festival)

July, 2009-Studio 1688, Memphis TN (group show)

September, 2008-The Edge, Memphis TN (solo show)